Saturday, July 23, 2016

Arcade Fire's Funeral still warms my heart

Alejandro Dagnino | Floral Arrangement for a Funeral
Ah, Arcade Fire's Funeral is still one of my very favourite albums. My introduction to it was hearing the first single "Rebellion (Lies)" on the radio and seeing the video on Much Music (Canadian music channel).

I had either just completed my first year of university or was nearing the end and immersing myself in this beautiful album was my celebration of sorts. Listening to it made me feel so joyful and there was something about the sound and the lyrics that nourished the kid in me. Still does.

I adored music in my late teens and early twenties. I listened to a lot of artists and I listened to it a lot. I didn't go to concerts or anything. Music was a solitary pleasure and mostly still is. I would have loved my Sennheiser headphones back then. Sound quality has always been important to me.

I'm not sure what prompted my reflection on Funeral tonight, what compelled me to search for this video again. I think I needed the whimsy and warmth. The kids are out of school for summer, so my neighbourhood has been very quiet. I really love living by an elementary school (where I went) and a daycare. I love how they run just for the fun of it, totally living in the moment with their peers.

Oh, and I recently turned 30 and have a baby shower coming up. That may also explain retrospection. Haha.

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