Friday, August 19, 2016

Even Adele gets a cold. Loving her heartfelt personal message.

Adele has a cold and had to cancel a show. She made this Facebook video to apologize to her fans and explain her situation. I love this. No matter who you are and even if it's just a cold, health has to come first.

It's such an important issue for our society, where many people can't afford to take time off or get major grief about it. How can anyone perform optimally with a cold? Not to mention all the people you can infect... It's beautiful to see her open up here! No make up and a heartfelt message direct from the artist herself. This takes GUTS. I love the humanity here and this is such a beautiful gesture for her fans. Lovely comments, too. Disappointment with love, understanding and well wishes. All of this can help Adele's career -- great social media move on her part -- and it also fosters understanding and compassion for colds in general. They suck!

Get well soon, Adele!

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