Thursday, October 13, 2016

Bob Rae Didn't Invent "Eskimos" Criticism

People see Bob Rae speaking out against indigenous team names and assume it's a PC NDP white guy initiative when actually there is huge activism against it from indigenous people themselves. See #NotYourMascot.

Rejecting or ignoring indigenous voices and blocking them from not only the head of the table on their own representation, but a seat at the table period is an extension of the dehumanization inherent in branding a team after a race of people.

And your ignorance to the irony of your whining "Waaaah Eskimos is our name! You can't take it away," is especially telling. It doesn't belong to you. It just feels like it does because you grew up playing "Cowboys & Indians" and hearing about all these tax breaks and free cigarettes indigenous people supposedly get.

Stop acting like colonialism has come and gone. Stop acting like this is a non issue and we need to focus on alcoholism, etc. You need to understand that dehumanization is not separate from oppression. It perpetuates it. You want "them" to move on from this? You're the ones holding "them" back.
Wouldn't happen. Don't deflect from the systemic issue and claim marginalization as your own. 
It's not an honour or a compliment, but even if it was.... No.

Fibonacci Blue - Protest Against Washington Football Name

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