Wednesday, August 4, 2010

I Shopped, but I didn't Drop!

Today I discovered that retail therapy is a true phenomenon. It's a sense of rejuvenation I find when I find something I like that makes me look beautiful, fits perfectly and is a bargain!

Most of my purchases during my four-five hour shopping spree today satisfied these needs I require to enjoy a shopping experience. Part of the therapy was realizing that it wasn't as hard as I thought it would be and testing my endurance. I started at the Globo shoe store and looked for New Balance running shoes. I loved the first pair I saw! I tried the 6 and a half size and it fit perfectly! As a bonus, the pair was about 40 dollars -- that was 50 per cent off! Amazing... It's usually so hard for me to find shoes that fit because my feet are so narrow. Anticipating this difficulty, I procrastinated buying a new pair. I wore my previous ones regularly for seven years!!!!! This purchase boosted my confidence. It literally put a spring in my step thanks to the new arches and shock absorption!

Then I want to a lingerie store. Usually I feel uncomfortable in those places because I think I look like a child in size and demeanor. I mean, I shouldn't feel that way because I am a woman and I do have curves which is odd considering my light weight and small frame. I tend to liken my body to Betty Boop's whose is thin and curvy. Hahaha.

Well, for some reason I walked into that store confidently, on a mission! I was going to find at least one bra. I found a two-for-20 sale, so I scanned the wall of bras -- yes, WALL -- for ones I liked. My existing bras have a bit of padding in them and I decided that I wanted to be a bit more natural. I want people to see the girls how they naturally are! Well, not naturally. Any medium to full support bra is going to shape your bust.

There is a part of me that wants to have a bra burning ceremony. Why do we need to change the appearance of our breasts to be considered decently dressed? Is my body in its natural form offensive? Well I think the jiggling would be considered more offensive, dare I titillate someone by moving!

There is another part of me that thinks I look silly in shirts and dresses without a bra underneath. I look smaller. Maybe that's why.

Anyway, I found two bras that fit, plus another one on a separate wall: four dollars! My mom found a 10 panties for 10 sale, so she searched and found a bunch in my size. I picked the ones I liked and BAM. Another bunch of items for my items-to-purchase bag. Don't worry. I didn't try them on first. Yeesh! I wonder if people do that...

I tried on a satin housecoat that was 10 dollars, but it wasn't nice material, so I put it back. There were nicer, more expensive ones, but I didn't want to spend the money. My mom bought one for me! She's so special.

We paid for everything and then went to Le Chateau where I fell in love with this skirt! Oh man. It's white and flowy with a print of black and white flowers on it. The material is kind of sheer. It fit me beautifully too! A little bit pricey, but hey! I've been animal sitting. Why not treat myself? My mom and a sales lady hunted high and low for a shirt that would go with the skirt, but few things fit me. I also tried on a bunch of blazers because I love blazers, but have never had one. No luck there, but my mom finally found a black fitted, low cut shirt that goes perfectly with the skirt. Then I searched for a bracelet to go with it, not expecting to find any bangles that fit my teensy wrists. Of course I didn't, but I found a chunky bracelet with big greenish blue stones and a transparent bow. It fit perfectly. I bought all of it!

We took a break to rest our feet and have some food. I bought a blt from Subway, then took it to the nearby burger joint where my mom was. I ate it there. We had a nice chat. Then she bought me some fries and a chocolate milk shake! It was delicious. My good appetite continued my good eating streak. I was proud of myself for withstanding so much activity. Then we went out for more!

We went to Winners, a discount fashion store in Canada, to look for a new bag for me. I had big bags that fit books and things and small bags that only fit my wallet, keys and cell phone, but nothing in between. I wanted something that would rest on my shoulder, not be too fancy, have a zipper and fit my phone, wallet, keys, sweater, water bottle, case for glasses, etc. in. Voila! So I bought that. Then we went home. Phew!

A very productive day. I feel so relieved to have finally bought so many things I needed, but put off buying. Now all I really have left to find is pants. Ugh! Who knows, though! Maybe it won't be painful. Maybe it will be fun like today was, especially if I go with my mom. I feel a bit selfish because the day was all for me! I did encourage her to buy a necklace and ring she liked. My new rule for my mom is: if you treat me to a gift, you have to treat yourself to something. Or I'll buy it for you. I can't wait to treat her more often once I have a full-time job!


  1. There's nothing like a great shopping trip where you find something you like, or several things, they all fit, and they are all on sale!


  2. Sounds like a fantastic day! I love retail therapy, although I hate to shop. Sounds contradictory doesn't it? (I love getting 'new' things but hate wandering for hours to find it!) I'm glad you had such a woderful day, and wanted to thank you for stopping by my blog the other day.

  3. Hello Ashley,

    I found your blog over at L'Aussie's page. Very nice, by the way.

    I look forward to your future posts.


  4. Sounds like a wonderful day! Usually, I love to shop. Lately, not so much. Can't figure out if it's because there is nothing that is appealing to me or if it's because I'm worried about Hubby's job situation. Either way, I'm glad you had a great day!

  5. I love that high when I find cheap clothes that fits just right too. I wish it wasn't the opposite (I get down and hate that I wasted my time), when it doesn't work out that way. Glad you shopped, got happy, and didn't drop.

  6. Wowee, that is great. It is good to splurge on yourself sometimes! For me, it is electronic gadgets and Hawwaian shirts.
    I know from the few pics of yourself you have shown us that you are a beautiful young lady, and I bet you look just great in everything!

  7. Sounds like a successful shopping day! I have a hard time finding good shoes too because my feet are a half size-8.5.

  8. What a delightful write-up of your day! It almost makes me feel like shopping .... almost!

    I'm happy that you enjoyed my cactus posts and honored that you decided to become a follower! Welcome!

  9. Thanks for being happy for me, guys! I think the consensus is that shopping is indeed therapeutic!

  10. I love this post. :) I think for some people with larger bust sizes (like me cough cough) that bras aren't so much about looking a certain way for other people as they are for support and comfort. :) I couldn't imagine not wearing one in public or while doing anything athletic. :)

    Oh and I despise shoe shopping! I'm 5'10" tall so most of the time I can't find shoes in my size so I actually have to buy men's shoes. 8|

    I'm glad you found a bunch of stuff that fit and was on sale. :) I can totally relate to nothing fitting, although for the opposite reason lol. :) And congrats on not dropping hehe.

  11. Achieve - Thanks and good luck bra and shoe shopping!