Sunday, November 21, 2010

Failed Efforts at Professionalism

Please note that that I have changed my email address to I decided that is not exactly professional. Also, the year is not 2001 and I haven't been a dedicated fan of The Simpsons in years. Mind you, I did just watch part of the "Mr. Plow" episode. Classic!

I will keep the simpfan address for friends and anyone I may have forgotten still has this address. What a pain it would be to change my address on various email subscriptions I have to stores, organizations, etc. BUT I will not put on my resume again. It never did feel or look right. I can't imagine how ghastly it would look on a business card. It's time to grow up and move on! Gmail seems like a good move. It hasn't gotten any spam!

I think I just keep things out of habit. Lots of things, especially clothes and shoes. I don't grow out of liking really anything, plus I'm so petite that shopping can be a real pain. At the shoe store yesterday, a size 6 (Canadian/American) dress shoe was too big for me. The clerk said that was the smallest size they have. People generally have larger running shoe sizes because of the cushioning inside. My New Balance shoes are 6 and a half. Yay me.

I just typed out a request for your shoe size (Yes, I'm that starved for conversation starters in here), but deleted it because that would be too confusing with shoe sizes varying internationally. Do bra sizes vary too? My readership, the number of comments and the depth of comments have progressively waned since I tried to change, but lost the direction of my blog and stopped posting often. I know that a bra conversation will bring me a large readership, but it's in poor taste and will not allow my male readers to participate -- well, not in ways I approve of anyway. Plus, I'm not willing to share that kind of information, so how can I expect others to? Remember why I got 21, 000 members in a Facebook group I created? I don't even want to know about others' bra sizes anyway, at all. I'm just joking/hoping the word "bra" will bring traffic to my blog. If you leave a comment about boobs or bras, I will not post it. Don't send me any pictures either.

Only I can start a post about professional email and end it with a blabber about bras. It was a pretty smooth transition between topics, though eh?

Seriously, though, I miss knowing what to write in here and having so many in-depth comments. I hope you keep reading and bear with me while I try to figure something out. It will get better in January when my life and career start again. If there's something you want to discuss or if you would like my opinion something, please share!

OH how could I forget. Saturday morning I was waiting for my allergy shot in my doctor's waiting room when two men started arguing because one guy objected to the others' loud cell phone usage. First, he stared at his phone as it rang. Loudly. Then he started talking on it. Loudly. I HATE THAT! But anti-phone guy's tactics for trying to get him off the phone didn't really work.

He said that talking on the phone in a medical clinic was illegal. Really? He also pointed to me and the other patients, saying that we are sick and want to listen to magazines in peace. REALLY? Phone guy didn't handle it well either. He told anti-phone guy to "mind his own business" and go outside if he didn't like it. No, that's not selfish or illogical at all... Since its phone guy's business alone, he had every right to speak loudly enough that everyone could hear. After all, we weren't shackled to our chairs. We could have left if we didn't like it!

Then anti-phone guy stood up, walked over to phone guy and got all up in his face after after phone guy said something about supposedly Chinese anti-phone guy not being in China. You know, because here in Canada we all love to hear others' loud cell phone conversations in a medical clinic. Why do so many people bring race into everything?

I was grateful when the receptionist politely averted the crisis by saying disruption wasn't cool and whisking phone guy to his appointment. If I hadn't been so irritated about having to be at the doctor for a needle on a Saturday morning, knowing I had to bear a shopping excursion for a winter coat afterward, I would have asked anti-phone guy if he was aware of the irony of trying to reduce a disruption by raising his voice and antagonizing. Phone guy was being a jerk, but anti-phone guy just made it more uncomfortable and disruptive. Mind you, I'm glad anti-phone guy stuck up for us "sick" patients and for himself against that ignorant prick. That takes serious guts. Guts I sort of had, but didn't feel like using.

Actually when the drama began, I tried to avert my eyes by reading the children's magazine beside me... Would you really want to upset a sick child sitting alone in a dirty, worn coat?

Note: I didn't actually find a coat I liked that fit me...


  1. I got on the grown-up email bandwagon whenever they were first rolling out gmail.

    I used to be
    It was a fun email address (named after my dog Daisey, who is crazy), but using my name for my email does make me feel like more of a grown-up.

  2. thank you for letting us know because i am about to send everyone an email soon.

    Have a beautiful day!

    Sabi Sunshine

  3. Would that be classed as phone rage? It's amazing how inconsiderate people are these days, but if no one tells them, they'll continue to do it. The trick is finding the right way to tell them. And I know I don't have the guts in case someone flares up at me. No thanks.

  4. Linda - haha I like crazeydaisey! It's KIND of grown up... Maybe?

    Sabi - thanks for noting my email change!

    Lynda - no, I don't think that's phone rage. Yes, some people definitely need reminders that they aren't the only people on earth.