Saturday, January 22, 2011

Stanley Faces His Demons

Part two of a series.

So, Stanley told me that the kittens weren't actually checking out bombs. Stanley said he overheard from our human that the sites the kittens were visiting had something to do with human mating. Well, the furballs weren't even visiting the sites. Supposedly, our human just left them up there and the kittens were like "Cool, I wanna sit on the chair that moves!" and "OMG look at the pretty colours on the computer."

To be honest, I don't really buy what he found out about what the kittens were supposedly doing. I mean, I don't think he made the story up. I'm sure he did overhear that conversation, but the pieces just don't really fit. There has to be a reason why the kittens have this hold on him. It must be something Stanley isn't conscious of. Maybe they've installed a microchip into him to brainwash him and make him scared of them, so he'll stay out of their way! -- No, maybe our human installed the microchip into Stanley! That would explain that cut on his neck. Yes, that must be it. The humans knew Stanley and I suspected something, so they came up with an alternate explanation for the website and everything. Yes. Oh, man. Wait until I tell Stanley.
I don't think he'll listen to me, though. I told him that I think his training as a sniffer dog has made him anxious and paranoid because despite this news, he's still terrified of these kittens. Just these kittens, though. I don't get it. So now he won't talk to me. Well, maybe he will after I explain that I know he has reason to be paranoid, that he has a microchip in him, that we have to do something about all this. First, I have to convince him there's a problem.


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  2. Tell Stanley that soon the kittens will grow and become fat and lazy and then they will become immobile unless it is feeding time....hang in there!

  3. Jennifer - Welcome to my blog and thanks for visiting and commenting.

    John and Regina - Welcome to my blog! I told Stanley and he flipped out at me because he thought I made it up. He'll come around when he realizes you are right. Thanks!